Met gets new season on track with a worthy, well-sung “Hoffmann”

“The Irish mezzo Tara Erraught made a strong company debut as Hoffmann’s companion Nicklausse, largely on the strength of her dramatic performance. Sher’s Nicklausse plays the long game—as the alter ego of Hoffmann’s poetic muse, it is his ultimate wish to see his friend return to his writing desk, and so in this production he is complicit in every one of the villains’ treacheries. That can be a tough line to take without become an outright antagonist, but Erraught’s cheeky Nicklausse has no trouble winning the audience’s affection.”

Eric C.
27 September 2017

“Tara Erraught überzeugt als Annio mit flexiblem, höhensicheren Mezzo."

"Tara Erraught convinces as Annio with flexible, height secure Mezzo.”

Baden-Baden Gala 2017: LA CLEMENZA DI TITO (concert version)

08 July 2017

"Tara Erraught incarne parfaitement toute la détresse d’Annio, auquel elle apporte une belle ferveur."

"Tara Erraught perfectly embodies all Annio's distress, to which she brings a great fervor.” 

Baden-Baden Gala 2017: LA CLEMENZA DI TITO (concert version)

Michel Thomé
08 July 2017

Die Milde als höhere Macht Samstag/A mildness as a higher power

“Auch die beiden kleineren Frauenrollen sind glänzend besetzt: Tara Erraught gibt der Partie des Annio Charakter und Substanz, edel und und kultiviert ist daneben der silbrig schlanke Sopran von Regula Mühlemann als Servilia. Beide harmonieren außerdem hervorragend in den Ensembles."

"The two smaller women's roles are also shining: Tara Erraught gives the part of the Annio character and substance, noble and cultured is the silvery soprano by Regula Mühlemann as Servilia. Both also harmoniously blend into the Ensembles."

Baden-Baden Gala 2017: LA CLEMENZA DI TITO (concert version)
Christine GehringerBadische-Tagblatt
08 July 2017

Mit einem kleinen und Pianokultur/With a small pianoculture

"After songs by Brahms and Wold, Erraught succeeded in the song repertoire of Richard Strauss, a small miracle of legato and pianoculture, intensity and density of the textual statement, wordless and without any accent. The song, "allerseelen" seems to stir the audience to tears, "Zueignung" or "Morgen!" becomes the revelation of great songculture, as it has scarcely even been mentioned here in this last emotional consequence." (translation)

Vorlarlberg Nachtrichten
22 June 2017

“...even to the uninitiated it is obvious that Tara Erraught could probably sing the phone book and make it a moving experience ….” (Don Giovanni, Opera Theater Company)

Evening Echo
05 October 2016

“The performances are almost unanimously outstanding. The orchestra, conducted by Fergus Sheils, deliver Mozart’s score stunningly. The ensemble are powerful and energetic, Quinn’s direction allowing for moments of humour, chemistry and charm. David Kempster in the titular role is a treasure; he is charismatic, energetic, an exceptional vocalist. The remainder of the ensemble consists of mostly Irish singers, with Tara Erraught as Donna Elvira and John Molloy as Leporello particularly impressing. ” ((Don Giovanni, Opera Theater Company)
03 October 2016

“Doyle’s translation, as expected, relays Da Ponte’s razor-sharp text in a version of Dublinese – Tara Erraught’s Donna Elvira promises to offer Don Giovanni ‘pure hell’, and that she’ll ‘tear away his heart’, while the champagne aria starts to ‘fill them with vino’. There are exclamations of ‘Jesus!’ and references to bastards and worse. Funnily enough, however, it only reminds us how surprisingly well Hibernian English can relate to 18th-century Italian. More to the point, the words carry easily from the singers’ lips, with surtitles only needed occasionally. Communication is immediate, showing the real power of a workable singing translation. More than most operas, Don Giovanni jumps rapidly from comedy to horror to disgust to melancholy and back again, and the text simply takes us there. Erraught’s Elvira is a pleasure to watch and listen to, and she brings tremendous vibrancy and energy to her voice in this role.” (Don Giovanni, Opera Theater Company)
03 October 2016

“Tara Erraught as Donna Elvira, his most conflicted lover, brings her velvet mezzo voice and high wattage charisma to the role.” (Don Giovanni, Opera Theater Company)

The Independent October 1, 2016
01 October 2016